A vocational expert is often utilized to assist in determining alimony & child support in cases of marital dissolution, or divorce. Reasons to retain a vocational expert in a divorce case include, a spouse is not working, a spouse has no recent work experience, a spouse's income is significantly less than in the past, a spouse has a disability that may affect vocational success, and so on. For questions of employability and earning capacity, our team can help. 

Return to Work

Social Security

Marital Dissolution

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Tests and Assessment

Vocational experts regularly testify in administrative law hearings to facilitate the determination process for individuals seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Vocational Concepts has trained Social Security Vocational Experts on staff and can answer questions relating to your case. We are able to make meaningful referrals and recommendations based on years of experience and practice.

For high school students transitioning to higher education or adults making a midlife career change, our team of vocational counselors can help identify the right path. With the continued trend of job automation, developing marketable skills is more important than ever. We can help you identify and utilize your skills to develop a rewarding career. Career Transition services are available nationally and can be provided in person, telephonically, or via videoconference. 

Rapidly changing industry demands and employment trends can complicate the return-to-work process, especially for injured workers. For anyone attempting to return to work, Vocational Concepts can help develop a realistic plan for employment with clearly defined steps for successful job placement. We are knowledgable of assistive technologies, job accommodations, and legislative protections for individual's with disabilities.

Personal Injury

Career Counseling

In personal injury cases, a vocational expert can help determine lost wages and diminution of future earning capacity. Once an individual's medical restrictions have been determined, our team can provide objective measures of his or her access to the labor market and earning potential. Current labor market data is utilized to determine pre- and post-injury earning potential, further elucidating economic damages arising from an injury. 

Staff at Vocational Concepts are all highly skilled in the administration and interpretation of psychometric assessments. Vocational Concepts staff hold the highest credential in vocational evaluation and assessment. Test results are often utilized to guide the career development process. We administer achievement, intellectual, interest, work values, personality, and aptitude assessments. 

Vocational Services & Litigation Support
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