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Personal Injury

Individuals who sustain significant injuries often experience financial losses in several areas, including employment. Loss of earning capacity is often overlooked in personal injury litigation. With extensive experience in vocational evaluation and rehabilitation, our vocational experts can help establish accurate estimates of lost wages after an individual sustains an injury that prevents them from working. Utilizing an evidence-based peer reviewed methodology, we can provide a comprehensive and defensible product to strengthen your case. Our evaluations include a comprehensive battery of vocational testing as well as an in depth analysis of medical, educational, and employment information, ultimately serving as the basis for expert witness testimony. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

Reasons for a Vocational Evaluation in Personal Injury

An individual experiences a reduction in or complete loss of earnings after experiencing an accident or injury

An individual is unable to return to his or her previous job due to an injury

An individual is unable to find or hold a job after experiencing an injury

An individual is in need of extensive training, retraining, and/or education in order to re-enter the workforce

An opposing party alleges your client is capable of performing work beyond his or her physical, intellectual, and/or psychological capabilities

Earning Capacity & Employability
Earning capacity refers to an individual’s earning potential if they were to optimize their employment efforts. Earning capacity is often a central focus of civil injury litigation and is quantified in lost wages resulting from an injury or accident. When an individual’s ability to work and earn is affected by an injury, a vocational expert can assess his or her loss of access to the labor market, and ultimately their loss of earning capacity.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable skills are developed exclusively through past semiskilled or skilled work experiences. When an individual is injured, he or she may not be able to return to a previous occupation. A transferable skills analysis can help identify what alternative jobs would be appropriate by analyzing the individual’s past work experiences, skills and abilities.

Labor Market Research
Once an individual’s employability has been determined, we utilize current labor market data to determine the availability of jobs in the national, state, and local labor market as well as the wages associated with those jobs. Using reliable employment and wage data, direct employer contacts, and other sources, we can provide accurate estimates about what your client can expect to earn.