Vocational Evaluation in Marital Dissolution

In the ever evolving world-of-work it is not always easy to determine the best career goal. Let us help you identify feasible vocational prospects building on your skills, interests, and education. If you have a disability, we can help identify what jobs would be appropriate and also what accommodations would help you compete for and perform effectively in employment.

Wage Earning Capacity
By determining what jobs you are best qualified to pursue, we can provide accurate wage information based on national, state, and local labor market data, job listings and employer contacts. By utilizing a methodological process, we can determine what you can earn in exchange for your services in competitive employment. This service is key to imputing income and settling alimony and child support obligations.

Vocational Planning
Returning to the workforce is a daunting task, especially for an individual who has been out of work for an extended period of time. If retraining is necessary, we can provide a comprehensive rehabilitative plan detailing the steps to take when returning to work. We will identify appropriate training programs as well as the cost and length of time necessary for completion.

Reasons for a Vocational Evaluation in Marital Dissolution:

​A spouse is not working

A spouse states that he or she cannot work, but both parties do not agree upon the reason

A spouse has a disability that may affect vocational choice or success

A spouse has no recent work experience

A spouse is working part-time, but probably has the capacity for full-time work

A spouse’s income is significantly less than in a prior earning period

The supporting spouse has a sudden unexplainable drop in reported earnings

A spouse identifies a vocational goal that seems unrealistic or necessitates a prolonged training period

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process by which you and your spouse can settle your differences without going through litigation. This process allows you and your family to resolve issues amicably and often without the myriad hardships typically faced in the legal setting. Trained in the collaborative divorce process, Vocational Concepts can facilitate your separation. During the vocational evaluation, you will learn about the demands of the labor market and how your skills can be utilized to re-enter the workforce in a meaningful and rewarding capacity. Having a better understanding of your skills and abilities will allow you to negotiate with your spouse from an interest-based position.

Vocational Services & Litigation Support
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