Vocational Services & Litigation Support
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Career Counseling and Planning

​Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

A Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation is typically completed in one day. This service includes an interview, interest testing, academic testing, intelligence testing, aptitude testing, personality testing and identification of your work values. The evaluation incorporates comprehensive career exploration, labor market trends, and wage data to determine appropriate vocational goals and lasting employment options in todays fast changing job market.

Work Site Evaluation

A Work Site Evaluation is completed in two days. The first appointment is essentially a Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation. The second appointment occurs in the community, where you and your evaluator will be performing specific work tasks at a real job site in the local labor market. This service is primarily used for individuals with disabilities or physical endurance issues.

What to Expect at Your Evaluation

The vocational evaluation is a collaborative process through which you and your evaluator will identify your abilities, interests, and skills. Usually, the evaluation lasts five hours. We first discuss your past work experiences, educational background, and medical history. You will then be administered a series of vocational assessments. You will complete some of these tests using a pen and paper and others using a computer. The results of these tests are used to guide the vocational exploration process. Once we identify realistic job goals, we then explore labor market trends, job openings and wages. Ultimately, the goal of the evaluation is to help you better understand your skills and abilities and how you can best apply them to develop a meaningful and rewarding career.

​School to Work Transition Services

​Choosing what to do after graduating from high school is a challenging and daunting task. We specialize in working with high school students to identify appropriate post-secondary training and educational opportunities. With the continued trend of job automation, developing marketable skills is more important than ever. With our knowledge of technical training and educational programs, we are able to provide guidance and counseling on how to best utilize your interests and aptitudes to develop a meaningful and rewarding career. We are also able to assist in identifying what accommodations and supportive services will help you achieve your goals. We administer testing based on your academic skill level to help determine appropriate program placement and necessary supports.